Lesson Plan

 ⭐️ About Lesson Plan

Think of a lesson plan as your trusty guide for a successful flipped classroom experience. It ensures you have all the tools and activities needed to engage your rookies and help them master the concepts. In this template, you are to define the lesson plan for the mini-project session of day 1 - day 5 of the program.
Lesson Plan Rules & Guidelines
  1. A lesson plan is not a rundown
  1. In the left side, you have the rundown for that day. You should not change the rundown, but you have to fill the PIC that will lead each session.
  1. In the right side, you have the lesson plan. Please refer to the Lesson Plan Rules for guidelines & rules to write the lesson plan
  1. A good lesson plan tells you the topic, and learning objectives, and explains the activities in detail. Not just the “problem” but also “how” you want the rookies to solve the problem. Is it through guided discussion? Or live coding/share screen to present something?
  1. The topic for each day = the lesson that will be learnt in that day. You may not add a new topic unless the Gen G team permits you to do so
  1. The learning objective should capture “what roookies can do after doing the activities”. Please make it a SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based) For example:
    1. rookies can explain the steps in the design thinking framework
    2. rookies can solve a coding problem that involves the use of if/else
  1. Be as detailed as possible when describing the activities, so that your fellow mentors can understand the activity as much as you do!
  1. The resource should be filled with
    1. tools & stationery (for offline activity)
    2. link to deck/figjam/jamboard/anything else that you’ll give/show to the rookies on d-day
  1. You may create more than 1 activity for 1 mini-project session
  1. if you’re confused, read the example provided in the orientation day lesson plan below 😉

Lesson Plan Templates

✨ Each subject has its own lesson plan templates with pre-filled topics. As a mentor in the Generation Girl Program Event, you will be given a Google Drive Workspace that already has a working document you can work on for that specific event.