Product Requirement Document (PRD)

Project Scope

Release Target
Product Manager(s)
UI/UX Designer(s)
Quality Assurance(s)

❓ Background

Write down why you want to develop this product in & the problems that needs to be solved using this product. Be clear, precise, and concise.

👥 Target Audience

Who do you make this product for? Describe your target user. This will help you shape the product and how you market it.

🎯 Goals & Objectives

How does this product help in solving the problem? How it will help the target audience? What benefit does it makes for the company?

Product Requirements

🗣️ User Stories

  • Story Title: A short brief of the feature. e.g: Login Page
  • Priority The importance level of a story. Does this story defines the whole feature? Is it required? Does the feature can still run without this story? e.g: Medium
  • Estimate A rough estimate of working days/hours needed to develop mentioned story. e.g: 3 days
  • Use Case A sentence that describe user’s action for that story. e.g: As a user, I want to be able to log in using my registered email and password.
  • Acceptance Criteria: A comprehensive specification of the user story. Consists of 3 points
    • Given conditions that must be fulfilled in order for the story to be done. e.g: User already registered an account with specific email address & password
    • When specific state/trigger for the mentioned use case e.g: User click submit button on login form
    • Then the result of the state/trigger. usually contains positive & negative scenarios. e.g: Positive: user inputs registered email & the right password for that account → log in success, app direct user to home screen Negative:
      • email/password field empty → show error “[Email/Password] cannot be empty”
      • email does not contains valid email address → show error “Please type a valid email address”
      • wrong email/password → show error “Invalid Email or Password”
      • server error/offline → show error “There’s an error, please try again”
🗣️ User Stories
Story Title
Use Case
Acceptance Criteria
As a [user type], I want to [do things] to [achieve goal]
Given: When: Then:

🚀 External Requirements

  • Document Name Name of external document included in PRD
  • PIC the person in charge of making/maintaining the specified external document
  • File Media/Link to specified document


🔖 Glossarium

List down jargons/slangs/technical terms used in this PRD & its meaning to make the PRD easy to understand.