What are my tasks as a mentor?

What are my tasks as a mentor?

What are my tasks as a mentor?

Here are your tasks & responsibilities as a mentor/TAs:

✍🏻Mentors Tasks & Responsibilities

As a mentor in our program, you'll play a crucial role in facilitating flipped learning classrooms!
What is a flipped classroom?
You may have encountered the traditional classroom before, where we go to class to listen to teacher’s explanation, then after class, we’ll complete the homework given by our teacher. The flipped classroom, as the name suggest, “flip” this method. Students are introduced to key concepts before class started and refine the learning in the form of active learning process in the classroom.
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Your role is to then guide them through engaging activities and discussions during classroom sessions. Here's a breakdown of your key responsibilities as a flipped classroom facilitator:

📝 Pre-Event Preparation

Join Generation Girl on Discord
Fill the mentor pre-form
Learn & review the learning materials (videos, workbooks, quizzes)
Plan activities in lesson plan that get students to apply their learning

📝 In-Event/After Class

Check for rookies’ attendance
Record the session
Ask rookies to fill in the Happy Form
Foster active learning and collaboration
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  • Clear up confusion & misundertandings
  • Use clear & simple language when explaining concept (avoid jargons & complex words)
  • Bring learning to life by relating the concepts with real-life examples
  • Encourage rookies to share their own experiences and perspectives
  • Check for rookies’ understanding & find where they might need additional support
Do a retrospective session with other mentors to find areas of improvement

📝 After Event

Collect rookies’ final project
Remind rookies to fill the post form
Offer constructive feedback to rookies, highlighting their strengths and providing actionable steps for improvement
Fill the mentor post-form